Why 'Good Enough' is Great—'Ready, Set, Holiday' Series Pt. 3
As we close out the 'Ready, Set, Holiday' series, I'm here to offer you a final piece of advice that could change the way you approach the holidays—and maybe even motherhood itself. This isn’t about crafting the perfect holiday scene; it’s about crafting moments that matter. We're talking real strategies for real moms who are tired of chasing holiday perfection. And in this episode, I share the power of prioritizing what’s truly important over trying to do it all. We'll look at how to identify the holiday tasks that bring you and your family joy, and which ones you can let go of without a second thought. This conversation is about giving yourself the permission to embrace 'good enough'. And you'll discover how to scale back without guilt, as well as why your best holiday season might just be the one with fewer frills and more freedom. I’ll share my own experiences + the lessons I’ve learned about balancing tradition with sanity along the way. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the holiday hustle, this episode is a must. It’s time to shake off the societal expectations + find your own happiness this holiday season. In This Episode: You'll find reassurance in the concept that 'good enough' is not just okay, but a healthier approach to holiday planning. You'll discover the liberating power of saying 'no' to societal pressures and how this can lead to a more joyful holiday experience. You'll understand the importance of setting realistic expectations for the holidays to enjoy more meaningful moments with loved ones. Show more