Mom Life Handbook—Your Guide to Motherhood, Parenting, Personal Growth, Productivity + Mindfulness
Feeling overwhelmed, stressed + like your mom life is harder than it should be?The Mom Life Handbook podcast is your guide to simplifying your busy mom life, reducing stress, and discovering a path to greater joy and fulfillment. JJoin host Erin Christopoulos, a mom of two and experienced teacher + school leader, as she explores the challenges and triumphs of modern-day motherhood. Each episode will provide you with the tools and insights you need to create a more intentional, balanced, and enjoyable mom life.In each episode, Erin will share practical strategies, actionable tips, and expert advice to help you:Simplify your life + reduce stressDiscover more balance + joy in your mom lifeDevelop essential parenting skillsNurture your personal growth + well-beingWhether you're a stay-at-home mom, working mom, or mompreneur, the Mom Life Handbook podcast has something for you.Join Erin to tackle topics like:Time management + productivityMindful parenting + self-careStress management + emotional regulationSubscribe to the Mom Life Handbook podcast today + start creating a more intentional, balanced, and enjoyable mom life.And for all the show notes + more information on how to work with Erin, be sure to visit MomLifeHandbook.com. Show more